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LogoSmallFair Trade Penn State is collaborating with two other Penn State student organizations: USAS and SWAPS, to  encourage the THON Merchandise committee to switch to 100% sweat-free apparel.
The THON merchandise committee supplies all of the apparel for the Official THON store, and all of the apparel for the other committees. Although THON representatives will claim that their suppliers guarantee decent working conditions, it is well-known that the companies they use abuse workers in developing countries.

 Official Rules

Read the official THON rules for ordering Apparel (extracted from the 2013 THON Rulebook):

>>  THON Apparel Rules (2 Pages)



You don’t have to get the apparel from one of the 6 approved vendors. You can get the shirts/pants/whatever from anywhere, the approved vendors just must be the ones to do the screen printing. See the email correspondence here.

Fair Trade Penn State’s Detailed Breakdown

For those of you very interested in the details of exactly how the Penn State Licensing process works and how THON merchandise is related, read our breakdown of the issue:
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Current Offerings

What brands do the 6 vendors currently use? (As of Feb 2015)
Coming soon.