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PSU Goes (Fair) Bananas!

Ask Penn State to switch all bananas on campus to Fair Trade certified bananas!

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Fairtrade-bananas-007Why are Fair Trade certified bananas important?

From GlobalIssues.org: 

“… workers are exploited by a “race to the bottom” where supermarkets demand lowest prices for consumers, which results in low wages for workers in plantations. Some workers work very long hours, sometimes exposed to hazardous chemicals, some which are often banned from nations with better ability to provide for worker safety, such as in the US and Europe. Child labor, gender discrimination and other problems accompany this drive for low consumer prices.”

banana_logoFrom GreenAmerican.org: 

  • Without Fair Trade, fruit farmers often receive only a few cents a pound for their crop, far below the cost of production. In Ecuador, the cost of basic necessities for a family of four is $9.60 a day, but on non-Fair Trade farms, workers may earn as little as $3 a day, according to TransFair USA.
  • A 2002 Human Rights Watch report claims that banana workers in Ecuador are the victims of serious human rights abuses. The report found that Ecuadorian children as young as eight work on banana plantations. The children earned an average of $3.50 per day, which is approximately 60% of the legal minimum wage for banana workers.




Human Rights Watch has several publications (here and here to start) on the banana trade, reporting everything from child labor to sexual harassment to murder if the workers try to unionize.

Did you know?
In 2007, Chiquita pleaded guilty in court to funding terrorists in Columbia (completely undermining the US’s war on terror). They paid the terrorists groups to guard their banana fields. These terrorists used the money to buy weapons and massacre innocent Columbians.


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