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Info about Ethical T-Shirts for Clubs


In many apparel factories, workers aren’t paid enough to feed their families, or send their children to school, trapping them in a cycle of poverty. Represent Penn State’s dedication to ethics and commit to apparel made by people paid fair wages in safe working conditions. In addition to literally changing someone’s life, we will add you to the “Penn State Cares” list, so that everyone knows your group has commit to making a difference.

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Why are fair shirts important?

A worker in the documentary Tejid@s Junt@s / Stitched Together,” which features workers from the ethical Alta Gracia factory in the Dominican Republic, explains that for the first time ever she was able to afford running water for her family. For others, like the women in Bangladesh, it’s life or death. Thousands have been killed in Bangladesh factory fires and building collapses since 2005.

A woman being rescued from the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. She’s lucky to be alive – this collapse in April 2013 killed over 1000 workers, nearly all women.

A current Alta Gracia employee. Alta Gracia pays their workers in the Dominican Republic 300% of the minimum wage – enough to care for their families and send their children to school. Alta Gracia is one of the options you have when purchasing ethical t-shirts through Fair Trade Penn State!